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Baby monitors are one of popular items for parents, which help parents to stay in touch with their baby during sleeping times. There are many types of baby monitors from many different brands will make you confused in choosing a right one. This article will help you to deal with these matters.
Here are some considerations to select the best baby monitor
How many types of baby monitors are there?
A monitor includes two units: one in the baby’s room and one for wherever the parent is, allowing them to listen to or observe their baby. There are two basic types of baby monitors: audio and video or analog and digital.
Analog or digital: Analog monitors are more affordable but the quality of sound is not good as digital models. Analog signals as radio waves, which allow anyone in range can listen to it while digital models convert sounds into data to make it impossible to eavesdrop.
Audio or video: Audio monitors offers sound only, so you should consider ones that have lights and sound as well. The louder the sound in the baby’s room is, the more lights go on, and so you will notice his /her crying. While Video ones provide many different options including different screen sizes, cameras that pan and zoom, and even night-vision images for nighttime viewing. Certainly, video monitors are more expensive than audio-only ones.
Security: It is highly recommended to search for monitors using DECT technology (Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) to encrypt the audio signals between the transmitter and the receiver. Video monitors/digital models offer better security.
How is the range/size?
A monitor’s range is the distance, which can maintain contact with its base. The larger range helps parents monitor their baby easily and enjoy the freedom to move around the house. Parents can attach the monitor to their belt or keep in their pocket. Meanwhile, the smaller receivers are, the easier parents carry them around the house. There are many sizes of screens and it is very important to have a large one to see the baby clearly.
Audio monitors often have longer ranges indoor and outdoor than video, but you can get difficulties in finding one working in your home depending on the distance between units and the number of obstructions and interference.
What are the features?
Different baby monitors provide different features. You should consider some basic features as below:
– Sounds and lights:
Sound is essential because parents rely on it while sleeping. When the baby makes noise, it wakes you up and get louder as the baby’s sounds increase. The ability to wake you up will determine your confidence in sleeping. Therefore, it should be top of mind when buying a baby monitors.
When babies make noise, the lights will up and attracts your attention instantly to know what is going on even if there are many different noises surrounding you.
– Motion and sound sensor: Some audio/video monitors offers sounds and motions sensor to let the receiver turn on only when your baby makes an unusual motion or sound, such as crying or rolling over when waking up from a nap.
– Screen connectivity: Some audio/video monitors allows you to watch your baby on a bigger screen by connecting to VCR/DVD recorders or televisions.
– Night vision: Many audio/video monitors offers night viewing that allows you to observe your sleeping baby in the dark room. Some features come with adjustable brightness and music or natural sound activation for sleeping.
– Room temperature sensors: Some monitors offers adjustable sensor to keep track of the temperature in your baby’s room.
– Low battery indicators: You should get a monitor that offers the low battery indicators to avoid missing any calling form your babies.
How much do they cost?
Analog monitors are less expensive than digital ones are. However, a low price sometimes does not reflect poor quality. The high price usually comes with a monitor’s features, range, and number of units.
Audio monitors have a range price of $20 for basic models to $100 for more advanced designs while video monitors cost at least $75 and can be up to $300 depending on range and image quality


The following products are highly recommended for the outstanding features:

Infant Optics DXR-5 Portable Video Baby Monitor
The Infant Optics Baby Monitor is a digital monitor. It allows reducing the background noise and static. This machine offers a reliable range of 800 feet in open areas and 150 feet in closed areas. Although the Infant Optics comes with smaller size to transport easily, the screen is big enough for a clear picture of the baby.
Infant Optics DXR-5 provides the number of convenient features including streaming video at an impressive 30 frames per second, long-lasting battery power, night vision and a 2.4 GHz, static-free digital wireless transmission. This monitor is also equipped four camera units to switch channels.
With a price tag of $99, this machine is the best of choice.
VTech DM221 Safe & Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor
The VTech Communications Safe is a digital monitor applying DECT 60 digital technology to reduce static and white noise; keeps communication between you and your baby safe and secure; especially provide clear, accurate transmission at a range of up to 1,000 feet for moving indoor and outdoor but it is quite bulky to carry around the house.
The VTech offers rechargeable batteries with up to 18 hours of monitor time and the “talk-back intercom”, a silent alert when having sound in the baby’s room and a belt clip allows parents move the home while baby sleeps.
At an attractive price of $29, it is worthwhile to own an digital monitor.
Graco Ultra Clear Analog Baby Monitor with 2 Parent Units
At $64, the Graco is an analog monitor with adjustable channel settings to make it easy for users to eliminate background noise. It works at a frequency of 900 MHz and offers a 600-foot range and one-pound monitor easy to for moving around the house.
The Graco come with exclusive vibration notification technology and sound lights allows you “feel” your baby’s call even when you are out of the range. It also provides night vision, low battery alarm and a belt clip.

This article and the shortlist are for your reference and help you to get a best baby monitor. If it is not necessary to own a video monitors, you can save much money. The thing you should do is determine which type you needs.

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