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Ceiling fan is one of necessary items to keep air moving and make your home comfortable. Choosing the right ceiling fan ensures maximum performance, style; especially, comfort. This writing will let you realize which one is suitable for you.
Here are some tips help you to select the best ceiling fan

Where do they come from?
Every ceiling fan brand has a range of ceiling fans with varying levels of quality and performance. Some manufacturers focus on lower quality less expensive fans, some target expensive higher quality fans. You should find manufacturers that deliver good reputations to make you comfortable choosing any models they offer.
Which size is suitable for you?
Ceiling fans come with a range of 14 inches to 72 inches wide. The right fan depends on the size and the height of the room. You should make sure to buy the right size to secure performance, comfort and safety as well. To know which size you need, you should follow these steps:
– Determine blade span based on room square feet
– Determine how high to hang your fan.
– Flush Mount: used for the ceiling height is less than 8 feet
– Standard: used for the ceiling height is 8 feet to 10 feet
– Long downrod: used for the ceiling height is greater than 10 feet
– Slopped: used for the ceiling slants at 32 degrees or higher.
Hanging ceiling fan at the appropriate height helps your head avoid hitting on low hanging ceiling fans. The distance between ceiling fan’s blades and the floor should be 7-foot minimum.
– What size downrod you need
How is the Motor, Controls & Lighting
– Motor: The motor is the heart of ceiling fans because it determines the airflow and efficiency of a fan. The most common kind of motors is alternating current (AC) because it is economical and cost saving. Meanwhile, direct current (DC) fan motors, smaller and lighter than standard AC motors, provide greater efficiency and consume 70 percent less energy, produce less heat and feature up to 7 settings in air movement – compared to AC models with three settings.
There are three types of ceiling fan controls:
– Remote Control: The handheld remote control operating within a 30 to 50-foot range offers the most convenient, ideal for high ceiling fans, and hard to reach places. It is ideal for bedroom.
– Wall Control: This control is ideal for families with kids that allows you to operate the fan speed, direction and lighting with the press of a button. The range is up to 40 feet. It is suitable for kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms and multi-purpose rooms.
– Pull Chain: It offers basic fan control and ideal for guest room.
Adding lighting or not depends on your needs and personal preference. If the space installed ceiling fan has the enough lighting, you should go with a ceiling fan without lighting. If not, ceiling fans offer some lights sources for you.
– Halogen: Halogen, ideal for easy-to-reach fans, offers 15 percent less energy than incandescent light sources and an average life span of 1,500 hours. The bulbs provide a warm light.
– Fluorescent: Fluorescent light sources with an average life span of 10,000 hours, use 75 percent less energy than incandescent light sources. The bulbs give cool or warm lighting.
– LED: Having an average lifespan of 50,000 hours, LED light sources consume very little energy. The bulbs release cool or warm lighting.

How much do they cost?

There is a wide range price of ceiling fans. Before planning a budget, you should consider what your money buys you and what should be included. The high-end models come with high price but offers good performance and efficiency. They also provide fan accessory as light or control. They are energy saving, cost saving and have long-term warranty with 50 years or lifetime – compared to lower price one with 10 – 15 years warranty. An additional cost you should consider is installing fee.

Here is the shortlist for your consideration:
Fanimation FPD8148OB Odyn LED
Models come from Fanimation always follow the same principles of engineering excellence and uncompromising quality.
The Fanimation FPD8148OB Odyn LED is an impressive fan designed for large spaces. This fan offers the 9-blade array having a diameter of 84 inches and moves an incredible 10104 CFM. You should have a room with optional downrod with the maximum length is 72”. Moreover, by using the available ball mount kit, it can be mounted at angles of up to 30 degrees, and right up to 52 degrees.
The Fanimation comes with the DC unit that consumes 70% less energy than AC versions. It includes six speeds, reverse function, and an LED light fitting using 14 watts of power. It also provides a handheld remote.
At $600, it is much expensive but this fan comes from a manufacturer with good reputation and offers you over-the-top quality.
Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe 5-Blade
Hunter is a famous manufacturer that offers hundreds of models, for all budgets, so there are many options will meet your requirements.
The Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe Ceiling Fan is ideal for rooms of up to 400 square feet. It has a diameter of 52 inches and moves 5110 CFM, which is sufficient. It also features five blades with reversible blades and three mounting options – it is very useful for you to put the same fan in a couple of different rooms by mounting it on a downrod, flush, or from an angled part of the ceiling.
The Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe Ceiling Fan features a motor operating very quiet. There are candelabra-type sockets for two bulbs inside the toffee glass light bowl. Some users thought those supplied a bit dim, but brighter alternatives are easy to find. Although the Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe does not provide a remote, compatible units are available.
Costing $90 now, the Hunter 53091 offers great quality for its price.
Westinghouse 7214100 Harmony Two-Light 48-Inch Two-Blade
Westinghouse is a well-known manufacturer with a great reputation and tremendous appeal. Although they do not own a wide range of products but they have an excellent collection.
The diameter of the twin-bladed Westinghouse 7214100 Harmony Ceiling Fan is at 48-inches, and CFM is 4880 – so it is ideal for a small room up to 144 square feet. It has a six-inch downrod that you need to be consider when fitting.

The motor in the Westinghouse 7214100 Harmony has four speeds and to be quiet enough even in small spaces. The fan comes with an outstanding feature is that it will work in reverse. This means it cools in the summer, re-circulates, and pushes back down the warm air in the winter. It needs two bulbs with a maximum of 40 watts, which can be changed to CFL bulbs, for the light fitting. It also provides a remote but not a part of the package.

You can pick this fan at $100.

Now, you are well equipped to hunt the right one. The thing you should do is determine your needs as well as the budget.

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