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Best Garage Door Openers Reviews

An automatic garage door opener keeps your home safe, provides secure access and lighting to your garage. This writing gives you some tips and shortlist to take into consideration to get the right one.


Here are some tips help you to select the best garage door opener:

How is Power and Drive?

* Power
The amount of power decides opening and closing speed, the size of door and durability. You should choose a motor with power adequate to lifting the door. If having double doors, it is highly recommended choosing at least a half-horsepower motor. If having a single door, a larger motor will make it durable.

– ½ Horse Power: Can lift most garage doors with most popular opener motor
– ¾ Horse Power: Have great motor, which is durable and long lasting for heavy doors.
– 1 Horse Power: Is the best motor for the heaviest doors and offers maximum efficiency and power.

* Drive
There are three types of drives including chain, belt, and direct, which have influence to price and performance.
– Chain drive: This system is the most popular and the least expensive. It uses metal chain to lift the door up/down with noisy operation. No on-going maintenance required.
– Belt drive: This system can reduce vibration and has fewest moving so it can lift heavy garage door and operates quietly and smoothly. It uses a flexible rubber belt to raise and lower the garage door. It requires no on-going maintenance.
– Direct drive: This system is powerful and has fewer moving parts to reduce noise for quiet operation. It uses a threaded steel rod to open and close the garage door. An on-going maintenance is required.
How is the Control?
Garage door openers have many different types of controls. Some use one-button remote, some provide two or more buttons, some offer mini remotes to fit on a keychain. Doorbell-like buttons or keypads allow opening the door without a remote. Some keypads have functions of locking the door in a specific time, having a pause in opening/closing.

*How are they secure?
Safety and Security features should include:
– An electronic beam prevents the doors from crushing object in their paths, which will trigger the safety mechanism make the doors reverse direction when a person or an object breaks the beam.
– A manual emergency release is necessary to open the door manually when power loses or you are stuck under the door.
– Force guard control allows you to select the minimum amount of force needed to open/close the door to enhance safety.
– Vacation settings allow you to disable the opener when you are away.
– Smart capabilities allow you to monitor and control your garage door opener by using your smart phone via Home’s Wifi.
– Battery backup provides enough power for continuous using when there is run out of electrical power.
– Rolling-code technology keeps your garage opener impossible to steal.
– An outdoor wireless keypad allows opening the garage door by using a security code if having no the remote handy.
– They also offer automatic lights that activated when the door opens.
– Openers provide standard sensors and time reversing systems to stop the door from closing and automatically reverse it if the door has not closed within 30 seconds.

How much do they cost?

You can buy openers anytime of year for about $150 depending on the size and model you choose.


Here is the shortlist for your consideration:

Chamberlain WD962KEV Whisper

With ¾ HP-motor, Chamberlain WD962KEV Whisper is a belt drive that is quieter and than chain and direct drive. It offers a lifetime warranty and durability. It is ideal for oversized and heavy doors.

This unit offers two Home link-compatible, three-button remotes and an external wireless keypad. It is outstanding at providing door and light automation features and a sensor for motion-activated lighting that is helpful if you forget to close your door. It also can be operated with Smartphone app.

This unit will reverse if the infrared beam is broken and stop if any physical contact comes with the door. In addition, battery back-up features is very valuable to keep your garage door opener working in the event of a power outage. It cost $199 and is considered as the best of the best.

Decko 24300 ¾

For $205, Decko 24300 with a 3/4-HP motor, the chain drive, is designed for larger and heavier doors. It is able to extent up to 8 feet tall for garage doors and easy to install.

There is an internal panel for operating/locking the door. In addition, it also equipped with Home link compatible, two three-button remotes to provide all the basic functions. Especially, this unit features a wireless external keypad for you to open and close the door without the remote.

The Decko comes with infrared safety system and remotes can prevent unauthorized access

Genie 1022-2TX

At $158, the Genie 1022-2TX is chain drive model with ½-HP. Although Genie says that their patented, in-line chain is quieter, it still deliver more noise than belt or direct versions that is could disturb you if the room near the garage.

This machine comes with lights and a wall-mounted control unit, which provides two three-button remotes to clip onto your car’s visor. Besides that, the lights and doors will be locked if opening and closing the door.
The Genie 1022-2TX provides the standard infrared safety system and helps prevent thieves from hacking into your home.


We hope our summary makes you confident in finding the best garage door opener on your budget.

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