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Nowadays, home security system has come into demand to avoid crime and keep your home and your belongings secure. The home security system can prevent break-ins because it acts as a barrier and provides an immediate response to homeowner as well as alert the authorities. It is challenging to choose one with many different options on the market. This writing will provide you some advice to get the best one.

  1. TIPS­

Here are some considerations to select the best home security system:

  • Sensor
  • The typical sensor on a window/door is a magnetic switch in the frame. The circuit is broken when the window/door is opened, which triggers an alarm. The disadvantage is all windows must be closed when setting the alarm.
  • Heat and motion sensors are installed high on the wall, above doors and windows, or aimed at an entrance door from across the room.
  • It uses audio discriminator for windows and glass doors to sense acoustic shock waves from breaking glass and trigger the alarm
  • Alarm & Alerts

It seems to be a deterrent and signal about a possible intrusion.

  • A bell is equipped to play a sound when a window/door is opened.
  • A horn is installed in the attic or outside as a loud alert to occupants and neighbors.
  • Flashing strobe lights are installed for someone who is hearing impaired.
  • Installation, Features & Fees
    • Features: When buying a home alarm system, one with many features always makes us overwhelmed. The more options it offers, the better the system looks. You should consider every one, but eliminate any you cannot see yourself using. The best home security systems will let you choose which type of alerts you want to receive.
    • Fee: You should pay attention to the initial installation charge as well as monthly monitoring fees. In addition, you should talk to your insurance agent; some systems may qualify you for a discount.
    • Installation:
      • Wired home alarm systems cost less but are difficult to install if the home is not pre-wired.
      • Wireless home alarm systems are more expensive but allow homeowner can install in hours.
    • Price

Prices for home security systems will vary based on the level of protection and type of technology. A simple burglar alarm costs $20. A self-monitored alarm system offers an extensive set of sensors including carbon monoxide, freeze and water sensors. A popular version comes with SimpliSafe and it cost around $260.


The following products are highly recommended for the outstanding features:

  • PiSECTOR 3G/4G Cellular & Landline All in one Wireless Security Alarm System DIY kit with Dual Network for Simultaneous Double Protection GS08-M20

At the price tag of $389, this system is the best home security system on the market. It offers many useful features as pet-sensitive motion sensors, sound of opening door/window, and power loss warning. In addition, it allows you to create different areas within your home and arm them independently.

PiSECTOR 3G/4G Wireless Security Alarm System includes a “dual system” but having three ways of alerting you via GSM, landline, and VOIP connectivity if any break-ins. It also allows you to pre-programming the alarm to arm and disarm itself.

For installation, some can do it while some found it confusing. The PiSECTOR provides many useful features as setting alarm zones, arming different areas in different ways, compensating for pets who accidentally set off motion sensors, and much more.

  • Simplisafe2 Wireless Home Security System 8-piece Plus Package

For $ 258, the Simplisafe2 Wireless Home Security System providing one motion sensor, four door/window sensors, and one remote sensor is customizable and expandable system that you can add more additional options including sensors for carbon monoxide, freezing pipes, and water leaks.

Unexpectedly, this system includes only internal siren, it does not equip an external one but an add-on. With a built-in cellular modem, an emergency signal will be sent to the response center if the control panel is damaged.

The owners get no difficulties in setting up this system. With the The Simplisafe2’s smart phone app, it allows you a complete control wherever you are. Especially, it requires no contract or long-term commitments for monitoring but it is necessary to have a monitoring for the fee at $14.99.

  • Oplink Connected OPG2201 TripleShield Home Security System (White)

This system supplies you only one motion sensor and two window/door units. However, it also offers two wireless IP cameras which do not record but send images to the cloud keep recordings safe even if the machines get damaged; and a free smart phone app so you can observe your house from anywhere and share access with others via the Internet. This is a free option but it strongly recommended getting it for $19.99 monthly fee

In addition, it includes both internal and external sirens and allows you add more sensors or cameras if needed. It also easy to install and costs at $285.


Although no home security is perfect, our shortlist is strongly recommended.  The things you should do are choosing one meets our guidelines, considering their pros and cons and determining the budget as well as your needs.

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