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Rowing machines are one of the home fitness equipments that provide the best indoor full body workouts. They work your upper body, lower body and abdominal muscles with one motion and provide a number of great health benefits including increased muscle strength, weight loss and elongated toning. Many types of rowing machines will confuse you; therefore, these guidelines help you to pick a right one.

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Here are some considerations to pick the best rowing machine:

  • How many types of rowing machines are?

Select a rowing machine with a resistance method that matches your needs because it affects how the rowing mechanism moves. There are four types as bellows:

  • Hydraulic resistance:

The hydraulic rowing machines use pistons to generate the resistance and may be an ideal option for space-saving and tight budget. It is suitable for someone who wants a total workout but is not interested in rowing as a sport. Therefore, this makes your arm and leg movements unable to naturally synchronize.

  • Magnetic resistance:

The Magnetic resistance is one of the most popular resistance types for home users with benefits of easy to use and providing a silent workout.

These machines use magnets and a flywheel to adjust the resistance levels that you can increase or decrease either by adjusting a slider or through a digital console. Magnetic resistance usually allows a smoother continuation of movement.

  • Air resistance:

Air rowing machines are one of the more common types, and they create resistance through a flywheel. This system provides aggressive exercise and a true-life experience of practicing for rowing competitions. The harder and faster you row, the higher the resistance will be. Air rowing machines offer a more natural, continuous, and smoother rowing stroke.

  • Water resistance:

Like rowing outdoors, it is designed to emulate a boat moving through water. These rowing machines use water to create resistance by equipped with large water-filled tanks. This indoor rower is also quite silent when using, just hearing the sound of the swishing of the water while using. It features with a wooden frame that makes this machine be one the most attractive model but heavy and larger than most others are.

  • How is the storage mobility?

Before buying a rowing machine, you should check the dimensions to make sure it is well-fitted to your space, and its weight if you need to move it frequently. Although a heavier machines often offers more features, lightweight one that allows you to fold up to save space still provide a great workout.

  • What are the features?
    • Display: Most of machines include a built-in display to tell you calories burned, workout time, strokes per minute, distance and heart rate. Some advanced display may offer other stats as allow you to race against a targeted pace to help you reach your goals
    • Ease of assembled: It is better to buy a machine, which is easy to assemble. Although a manual is always provided with the machine to demonstrate how to assemble it, for someone who are with little technical will be confused.
    • Noise: You should check the level of noise that the machine makes because it also affects your workout. Some people said that the high noise gives them motivation and the feeling of trying hard but it can break your tempo and make you not focus on your workout.
  • How much do they cost?

The price of rowing machine has a wide range of several hundred to over one thousand dollars. Choose a rowing machine with the extra features you think you will use. Added features usually mean added price, more durability and better performance so determine which features you really need will help you sort of price range you are looking at.


The following products are highly recommended for the outstanding features:

  • Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine (Black) with PM5

At $900, The Concept2 Model D is one of the best rowing machine you should consider to hunt. As an air rower, the Concept2 use air prevention to create the resistance. A nickel-plated chain pulls the flywheel and you get your workout by pulling against the increasingly higher air pressure that the fan is creating.

This machine offers PM5 monitor that provides all essential data. Your workout performance displays in two ways including see your workout in total distance and time or as slips, a way of seeing how your step is varying along two set points.

For easier portability and storage, it also allows you to separate the machine into two pieces while caster wheels allow you to roll the machine into position even after a fully assembled.

  • LifeSpan RW1000 Indoor Rowing Machine

The LifeSpan Fitness RW1000 rowing machine is hydraulic rower that run quietly based on an eddy current drive system.  This machine is easily to fold up quickly and store when not using. With lightweight construction, it is simple to carry and transport the machine.

The LifeSpan Fitness RW100 has three-LCD console to show distance, calories, time, strokes per minute, and more. The highlight feature of this model is that foot pedals are well-fitted to many different shoe sizes. It costs $499 for a solid choice.

  • Stamina Air Rower

For $299, Stamina Air Rower is one of the best rowing machine on the market. This rower features wind resistance that create a smooth workout. In addition, this machine is very portable and easy to store in a closet by featuring the ability to fold and with its attached roller wheels. It also equipped with a monitor that provides speed, stroke count, time elapsed, and calorie count.

With a sturdy steel and aluminum frame and solid construction, it takes about 15 minutes to assemble easily.


These are the primary things to be on the lookout before buying a rowing machine. Resistance type should be the deciding factor in which type of rower you choose, but all of the other points should be in mind as well.

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