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Vacuum cleaner is one of the great household items, which is very convenient and helpful in transferring a strenuous task be a bearable one. This article will help you understand and give you some purchasing advices that you can trust to get a best one for your needs.

  1. TIPS

Here are some tips help you know which vacuum cleaner handle your mess best.

  • How do they perform?

Performance of a vacuum cleaner depends on many different elements especially the suction power and the amount of airflow not only based on the number of amps and watts.

The amps and watts tell you how much electrical power a vacuum cleaner consumes not suction power the machine creates for picking up dirt.

The most important of all is airflow and water lift. For canister vacuum cleaner, airflow of 100 CFM or more and water lift of 90 inches or more is highly recommended. Upright vacuum cleaners have two basic designs as “Direct Air” which is rated in amps while the second basic design featuring a by-pass motor, which provides airflow but not water lift and offering 60 CFM or better. The uprights will not offer airflow rating and only rate the motor in amps.

  • Are they easy to use?

Besides the terms of specification, ease of use is also a thing you should consider to buy a new one. It will take you much brawn power to carry a vacuum cleaner up stair and down stair as well as require moving the furniture to clean the hard-to-reach corners.

Therefore, a vacuum cleaner you choose should be lightweight and maneuver that make you feel good and not be exhausted to use.

  • What are their features?

The extras including the length of the cord, tank capacity, height adjustability and the addition of a brush for upholstery cleaning may affect to your purchasing decision. For example, a vacuum cleaner with a long cord and hose is handy for cleaning stairs, or lacking of power sockets around your house. It helps you clean a larger area without having to unplug and find a nearer socket.

  • How much are they?

With the range of under $100 and upwards of $500, there are many options for you to get a best one. Remember that a high cost often comes with patented technology or extra attachments. So, choose one satisfies your cleaning needs. There are many good models with reasonable prices for you to own a best one.


The following products are highly recommended for its outstanding features:

  • Dyson DC65 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum

With the price tag of $560, it seems to be the most expensive vacuum cleaner on the market but it offers you many features including uses tried-and-tested, patented cyclone, which is more efficient at removing dust, dirt, and allergens, and ball technology that makes the machine easily maneuverable but may be prone to tipping over.

It also have many extras, especially self-adjusting base plate to optimize suction power and reduce air leaks, a Tangle-free Turbine tool with integrated brushes and counter-rotating heads for removing pet hair in carpet and upholstery..

  • BISSELL 9595A Vacuum with OnePass

This lightweight (15 pounds) vacuum cleaner features OnePass Technology with super strong suction and an innovative brush design that cleans more dirt, Easy-empty Dirt Container and with the Turbo Brush tool, all soft surface will get great clean that perfect for stars, furniture, upholstery and more.

At $79, Bissell 9595A Vacuum with OnePass is more affordable but considered as the top of choice for anyone who have a tight budget.


There are so many different vacuum cleaners on the market make you confusing to choose the best one for your needs, so you can consider our two above models, which are highly recommended for theirs outstanding features. Depends on your needs and budget, you can get a right one.

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