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Best Vlogging Camera ReviewsHow to Choose a Vlogging Camera

If you own a youtube channel or a blog which features video content, then it is important that you use the right vlogging camera for the job. At some point in your vlogging career, whether you are a pro or a beginner, you’ve probably wondered which camera you should buy and use to produce content for your vlog. A built-in webcam on your laptop just isn’t good enough. But there are so many different vlogging cameras out there that trying to choose one can be overwhelming. This overview has been put together to help you find the best camera for youtube and video blogs.

What features to look for in a vlogging camera

For a beginner, it can be especially difficult to know what you ought to look for in a vlogging camera. There are a few different answers to the question: what is the best vlogging camera? as these cameras have a diverse range of different features. Which one you choose all depends on the intended use. For example, if your vlog is based around sports or travelling, then you might want to purchase an ‘action cam’ from the GoPro range.

For most vloggers, the camera’s video quality is more important than its native audio, as many vloggers choose to use a dedicated recording device or input an external microphone into their camera. This provides better sound quality and it is easy to set up a prepared vlog this way. However, if you like to vlog while on the go, audio quality is an important feature of your camera.

As video quality is so important, high quality video, meaning full-HD that shoots at 1080p, should be your top priority when looking at vlogging cameras. Vloggers who are looking to create advanced, high quality productions may want to think about buying cameras which have a more extensive range of features. These could include any of the following:

Optical image stabilisation technology
ISO sensitivity
Manual white balance options
A built-in front-facing microphone
Wi-Fi connection.

All of these features contribute to the quality of your video and ultimately, the success of your vlog. The better the quality of your videos, the more likely it is that people will watch them. Also, the best cameras for vlogs often have good internet connectivity, allowing you to share content with your viewers as it happens. All of the cameras we have reviewed in the article include some if not all if these features, as we believe that it is best to acquaint yourself with advanced settings early on in order to steepen your learning curve. So, let’s take a look at the top five cameras you should use to film your vlog, in order to achieve high quality results.

1. Canon EOS Rebel T5 – Best For Beginners

Firstly, we have the Canon EOS Rebel T5. Canon is one the most famous and recognisable names in the camera industry due to its reliability and high quality results. Most of their cameras are designed so that they can be used for vlogging as well as capturing photos. This camera is a basic DSLR and great for beginners who are learning the art of vlogging. It has a simple control layout which is easy to navigate, including a dedicated Live View/ Movie Recording button so that you can switch to video mode easily.

The Canon Rebel also includes a powerful 18 megapixel image sensor to get sharp, clear images and a DIGIC 4 image processor to capture film, which is high resolution and full-HD quality. It also has a range of creative filters which you can apply to still images to change the mood or tone of a scene. There are also a number of interchangeable lenses for you to choose from to enhance your video’s creativity.

This is a mid-range priced camera, with a lot of features packed in. The key aspects to note are its simplicity, ease of use and the high quality results in images and videos, making it the best vlogging camera for entry-level vloggers.

Pros: It is able to shoot video in 1080p, full-HD video which will look professional and attract more viewers to your vlog. It is a perfect camera for those who are new to vlogging and it can even be used by more advanced vloggers who want to keep it simple.

Cons: The slow auto focus means that when shooting movement, the video can come out a little blurry. It’s best not to shoot any sports or fast paced action however, this DSLR would be perfect for filming ‘selfie’ blogs.

2. Canon PowerShot S110 – Best For Impulsiveness

If you are the sort of person who sees the opportunity for vlogging whilst you are out and about, then the Canon PowerShot S110 is the best vlogging camera for you. It is compact and very simple to use, so you can carry it around with you and use it at any time or any place; all you have to do is point and shoot.

As expected, this camera captures videos in full-HD at 1080p, and boasts a DIGIC 5 Image Processor which creates extremely high quality videos that will look great in your vlog. You can record them in a full range of recording modes, including 12-bit multi aspect RAW+JPEG. This gives you full creative control and allows you to edit your images and video flawlessly.

The image quality is fantastic for such a small camera. With 800 ISO, this camera drastically reduces noise, sharpens details and enhances colour. It also comes with a 5x optical zoom to make sure more is captured in your videos and images, and the bright f/2.0 lens ensures your videos retain the highest quality when shooting in less than ideal conditions, such as low lighting.

The Canon PowerShot S110 is so convenient and powerful that for $250, you can’t complain. It is much easier to transport if you vlog on-the-go and it is quick and simple to use.

Pros: This camera comes with built-in Wi-Fi so that you can wirelessly share photos or videos straight to social networking sites, through Canon Image Gateway, to a PC, or to a iOS and Android device. This is especially useful if your vlog is delivered via Twitter or Tumblr, and if you like to update your vlog at any time or place. This is one of the best budget video cameras.

Cons: There have been some reports from users that you may be able to hear the lens focusing whilst in video mode. It is possible that this may be heard on the video too. However, some low background noise should sort that out and it is barely noticeable.

3. GoPro HERO4: Silver Edition – Best For On-the-go

You’ve probably heard the GoPro brand name before as it is one of the world’s best selling camera companies. They specialise in action cameras which allow you to shoot videos on-the-go in a variety of exciting situations. The GoPro HERO4: Silver Edition is a fantastic action camera and is good camera for youtube videos and blogs which document sports, travel or adventures.

It can create easy time-lapse shots, is very good for low light shooting, and has an exceptional microphone that can capture the most subtle of sounds. The high resolution and frame rate of 1080p creates professional quality videos and the ultra wide-angle lens means that you can pack as much detail as possible into every frame.

Adjusting settings and framing your shot couldn’t be easier with the HERO4 using the new built-in touch display. GoPro have also added a dedicated button to access camera settings and made their navigations simple and easier to use. These features of this GoPro are an important step up from the previous model, the HERO3+.

One of the best features of a GoPro is its portability and the HERO4 is no exception. It can easily be transported in a bag or pocket. It also has built-in Wi-Fi so that you can connect to your smart phone, via the GoPro App, and share your videos and photos directly to your vlog, Facebook and the world with ease.

If you are looking to vlog on the move, this camera works best for first-person perspective. It can be attached to your head, bike or sports gear, which can result in some very engaging and interesting footage. GoPro have made this camera waterproof (up to 131ft) and extremely durable so that you can get the most out of it. At $300, you’d be hard-pressed to find better quality.

Pros: This camera incorporates advanced wind reduction technology in order to keep the audio clear when videoing fat-paced activities, such as cycling, snow-boarding, or paragliding.

Cons: When using the Wi-Fi, the battery life drains rather quickly which may be problematic if you are outside and don’t have access to power to charge it back up. You could easily solve this by taking a couple of rechargeable GoPro batteries with you to swap.

4. Panasonic HC-V750K – Best For Audio

The Panasonic HC-V750K is a camcorder style camera which not only looks good but delivers great results. It records video in 1080p full-HD with 24 megapixels. For a diverse range of shots, the camera has an intelligent 50x zoom and an optical 20x zoom, so you can capture panoramic scenery or detailed close-up images and share them on your vlog.

This camera is smart, and takes the difficulty out of photography with the inclusion of the Level Shot function, which automatically corrects the tilting of a captured image. The advanced Optical Imaging Stabilization also steadies hand held shots and video capture to prevent blurring, resulting in clear and sharp images which your vlog viewers will thank you for.

The most prominent aspect of this camera is that it has high quality sound recording. It can deliver super clear audio with the 5.1 Wind Shield Zoom microphone: a special material is placed between the microphone and microphone net to suppress any wind noise. If you are vlogging from unusual locations, such as aboard a boat or from high ground, this is an extremely useful feature.

The Panasonic Camcorder also has built-in Wi-Fi. This means you can connect it to phone or home devices and share your videos with the world as soon as they have been recorded. If you’re travelling, you can update your vlog as often as you like and have the video uploaded within minutes. If you want your vlog to contain professional quality video and audio, this is the best vlogging camera for you.

This mid-end end camera gives you everything one could possibly need and is highly recommended for vloggers who like to be adventurous.

Pros: The biggest selling point of this camera is the wind shielded microphone which stops interfering wind noise and enhances voices. You can film a whole range of activities and get clear high quality audio, such as music concerts, festivals, performances or even interviews.

Cons: Considering this camera is renowned for it’s exceptional audio capture, there is a lack of an external microphone input, stereo mini jack or a headphone jack. But the clarity of the microphone in the camera itself more than makes up for it.

5. Canon PowerShot G7 X – Best For Selfie Vlogs

Another Canon camera in the top five suggests how consistent this manufacturer is. The Canon PowerShot G7 X is a digital camera with a wide range of useful and advanced features that offers high performance and quality results. It is powered by a powerful DIGIC 6 Image Processor which is combined with a 1.0-inch, 20.2 megapixel High-Sensitivity CMOS Sensor. You’ll be able to capture better quality images in low-light conditions, as well as minimising noise and distortion.

If you run a ‘selfie’ vlog then the movable LCD screen will be highly useful. The screen can tilt up 180 degrees so you can check positioning before you start filming and be flexible with your camera angles. The video is captured in high 1080p resolution and has Optical Image Stabilization to ensure your hand held footage is not blurry.

The built-in Wi-Fi and NFC (Near Field Communication) is a big plus for this camera as you can conveniently transfer images and videos to social media sites. You can also save them to an online album through Canon Image Gateway. The camera can also connect to your mobile through a single touch of the Mobile Device Connect Button.

The Canon PowerShot G7 X may look expensive for such a compact camera, around $650, however it gives extremely high quality results and advanced vloggers who want to take their videos to the next level, may find this camera suits them.

Pros: A highly compact camera which includes a larger sensor than other cameras of it’s type in order to achieve better results. The 1.0-inch sensor collects more light in a shorter space of time to capture better detail meaning that videos and images will be much sharper and richer. This may be the best camera for youtube videos that are filmed on the go, do to its great connectivity.

Cons: Very occasionally, when shooting video, the camera slips out of focus, especially when filming action or moving the camera too fast. However, for stationary selfie vlogs, it is a great camera and will provide a sharp image.


If you are still undecided as to which is the right vlogging camera for you, then you should consider these three things:

What is the subject of your vlog? (e.g. travel, music, sports, fashion)
How do you usually film your vlog? (e.g. hand-held, tripod)
Which aspect of your vlog do you need to emphasise? (e.g. audio, image quality, colour tone, detail)

When you know what your vlogging needs are, then you can choose a camera accordingly, one that has all the necessary features for you to create successful, high quality videos. For example, it is not advised to choose a GoPro camera if you are only filming videos of yourself speaking to the camera from your home. Make an informed decision by comparing different cameras, such as those discussed, and consider what is the best type of vlogging camera for your vlog. You will certainly reap the benefits and enhance your vlog, attracting more viewers and achieving success.

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